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14.1-5 Paul explains here what each of these gifts consists of:

to. Gift of tongues The one who speaks in tongues speaks with God, speaks mysteries by the Spirit and nobody understands what he says, he edifies himself.

b. Gift of prophecy here prophecy should be understood as the ability to preach and teach the Word, the one who prophesies edifies the congregation, encourages them and consoles them, that is, gives them a perfectly understandable message. The one who prophesies leads the one who speaks in tongues, unless he also interprets, for in that case he has a message directly from God for the congregation.

14.6-12 Every message that is given to the church must be of revelation of Scripture, knowledge or teaching. The message should not be meaningless, for that reason Paul further indicates that if there is no interpreter, do not speak in tongues in the cult.

14.13-19 Speaking or praying in tongues without interpretation, does not increase understanding and Paul recommends not only pray in the spirit, but also with understanding and the same with praises: "Well, pray with the spirit, but also with the understanding ; Sing with the spirit, but also with the understanding. 16 Otherwise, if you praise God with the spirit, how can he who is not instructed [b] say "amen" to your thanksgiving, since he does not understand what you say? 17 In that case your thanksgiving is admirable, but it does not edify the other. "

14.20 20 Brothers, do not be children in your way of thinking. Be children in terms of malice, but adults in their way of thinking. The Corinthians, like the Pentecostals of today, put a lot of emphasis on "languages" but they were very lazy in understanding.

14.21 "A strange tongue and the mouth of foreigners" It is the Gentiles who evangelize the Jews, but the Scripture anticipates that they will not want to listen.

14.26-28 The idea of ​​the cult for Paul is participatory, the members are active. Very different from the position taken today, where the one who is active is the preacher, while the congregation sleeps with his eyes open, trying not to notice too much. All participation must have the goal of building the Church: "27 If you speak in tongues, let them speak two or at most three, each in turn; and that someone interprets. 28 If there is no interpreter, let them keep silence in the church and each one speak for himself and for God. "

14.26-33 The policy of active participation also reaches all the members, and asks them to examine carefully what has been said. In order to carefully examine the predicate, the congregation has to be at the same level of knowledge as the preacher, in the sense of "Level Up." We have the obligation to examine the predicate and contrast it with the Scripture, this means having a critical look (in the analyst's sense) of the pastoral message ... How many today can analyze the message of their pastor? How many Pastors and "Anointed Ones" will allow "their sheep" to dare to think and evaluate their message, which went down wasap directly from the cell of God? The whole process must be done in order.

14.34-40 Street women in the Church and 35 If they want to know something, ask their husbands at home, the question is: "Are today's spouses prepared to theologically resolve the doubts of their wives and children? The purpose of the Church is to prepare Priests of the home to teach the word at home. The "Youth Ministries" "Children's Ministries" and "Women's Ministries" exist because most men only understand soccer and a few Scripture.

Week 70 is at the doorstep. It is time to understand that the Church should not be a "Social Club" or a grouping of people who come together to pass the time and calm their consciences. The Cult of God consists of thanksgiving and a genuine interest in knowing, understanding and putting into practice what God says.

1 Corinthians 14, Languages, Interpretation, Prophecy, Preaching.

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