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Reading texts: Galatians 5.16-26; Philippians 4.4-9

According to the definitions given by the Dictionary of the Spanish Language © 2005 Espasa-Calpe (see footnotes 1 and 2) of "Christian [1]" and "nominal [2]".

Putting together the two words we have a "Nominal Christian" is a person who calls himself a Christian, "a disciple of Christ", but in reality only carries a label without concrete effectiveness.

The Churches are full of "Nominal Christians", people who say they believe in Christ but whose lives do not reflect that change (Titus 1.16), and therefore live in tremendous contradictions.

They read the Scripture and do not understand it, and that is why they can not put it into practice. Or they understand it and do not want to change their life, which is worse (Rebellion).

A "Christian" musician and composer of more than 25 years of "convert", who "does not get contaminated with the Music of the World" but subscribes to Netflix and sees all the series offered by that channel, feeding his soul from the collection Complete of the "works of the flesh of Galatians 5.19": Jealousy, anger, strife, perversion, murder, lies, deceit, fraud, promiscuity, fornication, adultery, etc. But he does not want to fill his Spirit with the good, as Paul clearly teaches in Philippians 4.4-9.

The same case of the "pious ladies" who go to the cell groups, attend the meetings of the pastor, tithe and dress neatly, but spend every afternoon watching the novels filling their hearts with sins, deaths, murders, deceptions and adulteries.

They go to the service every Sunday, more to the meetings during the week, they are the "The Spirit" but they do not understand anything of what they read in the Bible.

When they sing "For a moment in your Presence" they cry to the seas, but never seek to be in the Presence of God by listening and understanding what the Scripture says.

They fall on their knees in the Temple when they sing "God, I love you more than my life" when the sad reality is that they do not care what God said and they do not remember almost anything they hear in the services.

Nominal Christians, who did not want to be Ministered by the Word and who lead a mundane life with a "bath of religious holiness" while their families suffer the same problems over time as those of the "infidels": Depression, alcoholism, drug addiction, adultery , separations, divorces, ruin: that is, living in this life a foretaste of the hell that awaits them in the other.

What is the difference between a "Mundane" and a "nominal Christian"? That the punishment of the Nominal Christian will be worse than that of the mundane, because he knew and did not want to change, preferring the "World".

In the churches that I met, around 90% are nominal Christians, to a greater or lesser degree, but people who do not discern Scripture and therefore can not apply it to their reality (which they do not understand either).

Week 70 is at the doorstep. The "Nominals" and the "Mundanes" are going to stay down. Change while there is still time, do not stay outside.


Nominal, worldly Christian, Galatians 5.19. Philippians 4.4-9.

[1] Christian, na: Person who professes the Christian faith.
[2] Nominal: That is only or exists in name and lacks an effective existence:

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