Reflection. Sensations vs. Renewal. By Fabian Massa

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Week 70 shares with us: "Sensations vs. Renewal"

The Sunday service had begun as always, with the band playing the same old songs, repeating each nauseum for 120 minutes. When all the congregation was plunged into a pleasant slumber, the preacher mounted the platform. Seeing the whole crowd swaying all together at the same pace express his joy at seeing you all in what he termed "Being in the Presence in one spirit".

Then he recognized that each service the congregation "Enter the Presence" for over 20 years and in that "High Position spirituality" the congregation is "transformed from glory to glory". Then came the sermon, where the Minister stressed the need are all in "The same feeling and unanimity" for which it is necessary that some men their sins are forgiven.

A speech that I did not understand, if all are always in "The Presence" every Sunday for so many years, where each week are transformed from "glory to glory" How is it possible that being in "A Spirit" are not in "The same feeling and unanimously" that they hurt each other and forgive costing them?
How fits the "High spirituality" with unforgiveness and bad attitudes toward one another? And if the congregation is so grown, why the preacher needs to give them a "spiritual Mamadera" instead of solid food?

The answer to these questions is simple: Music have taken the place of the Word. What transforms the understanding and grows is the Word of God and not the songs. In any case praise prepares us predisposes us well for teaching (quiets our souls), but not shape us. The soul harbors emotions, and emotional passes.
The Word of God in change is double-edged sword that crosses the whole being, causing a change in the spirit reflected on the whole person.

We must return to the sources, give the music the place to be, under the preaching of the Gospel. Did Jesus organized concerts, the Apostles formed a choir, or did tap, or formed a band? No, of course. It is good and nice to have music and sing and praise God, but that should not monopolize most of the time of service. In the cult in question were 120 minutes of music and 30 preaching.

Week 70 is at the door. In the Middle East and began the Tribulation and every day are killed many Christians not forsake meantime here that is not spoken and a loose bottle gives each service. It's time to change, the End Times are dangerously.

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