Reflection. When you need to change? By Fabian Massa

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It was 1994 in Buenos Aires. I worked as a salesman in the company Amil International de Argentina, a venture of Dr. Marcos Paulo Souza Senra [1], who was the president of the company whose Head Office is in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

We had the privilege of having our training with him. And in my case, many times I could work with this great businessman. A simple man of great wisdom with an extraordinary capacity for work and leadership. In one of the training, he threw this question:

.- When should you change?

.- "When needed" was the unanimous response of the group.

"Error said Dr. Souza, if change when necessary, then the problem and dominates. The time you play against, should make hasty decisions under pressure and have a very high margin of error. Pcs. Will find fleeing the problem, they will be in a clear disadvantage and suffer losses. "

"The right response they are:... The change must be before it's necessary, then will you let those in a position of power, will determine when and how the problem will not come to you and take profits will be in a leadership position and can always strike first. He who hits first hits twice, no one can beat them. "

Dr. Souza was referring to gain markets, but their response can be applied to any field of human activity, such as family, work, attitudes, how to face their existence.

Do not wait until the situation is so grave that can no longer dominate, changes. We as Christians have the huge advantage of having God, the guidance of His Word and the Holy Spirit's help.

God made a change of law and Priesthood, before necessary (Hebrews 7.12), ie before and had no chance for us to be saved. And he did so to enter into this change and be saved and prosper in all things and our soul prospers (3rd John 1.2).

With God, all change is possible.

[1] Dr. Marcos Paulo Souza Senra is one of the founders of International Medical Assistance Amil was declared Distinguished Physician of the City of Rio de Janeiro, author of "Is there life after inflation" (Expert Books Ed. - 1995), author of the book "The Best Come Depois" no (Ed Saraiva - 2009) and consultant to the Brazilian version of "innovative recipe. disruptive solution for Healthcare - Innovation Management Health - The recipe to reduce costs and increase quality "Clayton M. Christensen. Dr. Marcos Paulo Souza Senra Healtho is president of the Institute of Health Services (IHAS) and was elected in 2013, president of the Alliance for Population Health (ASAP), with a mandate until 2015. Born in 1949 in the city of Itaperuna, in the state of Rio de Janeiro graduated in medicine and MBA COPPEAD / UFRJ. Specialist Management Services was president of the International Amil and today is one of the executives of the company in Brazil.

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