Kill the crocodile in your pocket! By Fabian Massa.

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Demonstrating the Love of God effectively.

When a man Loves a Woman:

1. It devotes attention: think of it, he writes, the flame. He wants to know how he thinks he wants and how to please her.

2. It takes time: The picks up, the bears eat, accompanies it.

3. Spend money and addresses their needs.
The same pattern, with variations applied to the family, self, profession, children, friends, sports, etc.

When a man loves God, is it different?

1. We devote to know and see what you think? You try to please those things that you know that please? You seek in prayer?

2. We spend time? You read His Word? You meditate on it? You try to perform it?

3. You invest money in the Kingdom? Offerings generously and joyfully? You spent money on a good study Bible, or a good dictionary?

Evangelical churches are not financial support of States (at least not in Latin America) if the congregation does not, the Church can not be developed and least extend the Kingdom of God.

I love the scheme is basically the same:

Love: It manifests itself in a commitment of attention, life (time) and money.

If pastors will have generous offerings of the congregation they would not be tempted to preach Rosy Life nor the Prosperity Gospel.

A mature believer is one who not only going to seek God for the loaves and fishes, but who knows fulfill obligations.

When a Man Loves a Woman, Crocodile,


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