Reflection. Abortion Law Argentina - Official invitation to murder innocent. On a publication of NOTIVIDA.

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Broken body of the fetus by abortion sl system by dilation and curettage.

Week 70 shares with us: "Abortion Act Argentina - Official invitation to murder innocent.

Abortion Law in Argentina more than a "Licence to kill" is an invitation for mothers to kill their own children in her womb, cauterizing their consciences with a cloak of "legality" forcing even murder doctors objectors against their principles. Below the full text by Monica del Rio, of Notivida [1].

Argentina's government gave the green light to free abortion.

The Ministry of Health of the Nation published the "Protocol for the comprehensive care of persons entitled to legal termination of pregnancy."
The publication released by the website of the Health Ministry, named after the President of the Nation, Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner and the minister Daniel Gollan.
Stresses the start that is "a revised and updated version of the" Technical Guide for Comprehensive Care of Abortions not punishable "and is" mandatory throughout the Argentine territory and must be implemented by all health institutions, both public and private. " Add soon after "the decision of women is unquestionable and should not be subjected by health professionals to value judgments arising from personal or religious considerations."

Abortion as a "human right"

From the title of the Protocol are noticed progress in the field. Del-such "legal abortion" as the above-mentioned Guide had the "legal interruption of pregnancy" (ILE), a "right" that is framed in "human rights". "This is a decade of expansion of rights," says the preface.
Free abortion
"The causes that enable ILE are requesting a pregnancy poses a threat to the (physical, psychological or social) health or life of the woman, or has been the result of rape." Needless "the finding of a disease", just a "potential" risk "should also not be required that the danger of a certain intensity." The involvement of mental health includes the "loss of self".

Abortion in cases of rape

No may "police or judicial complaint." Just a "simple" and without "legal formalities" affidavit. He can not ask the person to "delve into the circumstances of the act or provide any evidence."

Abortion in disability cases "Psychosocial or mental"

"Under no circumstances should the health service require accreditation of intellectual-mental disabilities", will accompany the mother "throughout the care process to strengthen its autonomy." If you have been declared legally incapable he intervenes legal representative.


You can request an abortion from 14 years "without the consent of their parents or legal guardians is required." If you are under 14 years must be heard and parents participate in the decision. Where there from parents an "unjustified refusal", "leave these to intervene, instead of making them special curators".

Command not to prosecute

"No doctor should stand-bureaucratic or judicial obstacles to access to the provision of ILE". "The interruption must be practiced by the health team without unnecessary additional interventions, whether medical, administrative or judicial." "The prosecution did not mandate implies that the intervention of a doctor is enough."


You can not give information about abortion to "-including third husband, partner / a, father, mother should be done with the express consent of the woman."
Restrictions on conscientious objection
You can exercise conscientious objection to a request for abortion if previously stated in writing and "provided that does not lead to procrastination, delay or hinder access to this medical practice." "The implementation of administrative mechanisms and / or performing interconsultation not entail unnecessary delays in carrying out the ILE." "Unnecessary delays, the providing false information or refuse to carry out the treatment constitute acts which may be sanctioned administrative, civil and / or criminal ".

Doctors forced to perform abortions

The professional who is a conscientious objector must, however, inform the woman if it falls within a ground for abortion and refer to a non-objecting professional immediately. "In the absence of someone framed in that category, you must perform the interruption; ie can not invoke its objection to evade the duty to participate in an ILE procedure. "

All health effectors must perform abortions

"They must have adequate human and material resources to ensure permanently" practice. There is no objection institutional awareness.
Advanced pregnancies and should not be trained, the health center should "consider the possibility of referring the person to a reference center that has the ability to perform more safely interruptions late."

Promotion of abortion

Will propose the abortion although the woman does not ask if the professional has detected that one of the causes "that give the right to request the practice." The "Flowchart model of care" indicates that the first question upon receipt of a pregnant woman in the health system is: "Is there cause for ILE?". If there is causal and the woman has not yet made a determination must "inform you that the procedure will be easier to be done soon."
Among those exemplified grounds mentioned: the mother has an underlying disease or diagnosed during pregnancy, expressed in the guard who was raped, is a pregnant disabled, "gender violence" or "intramaritales violations" and continuation of pregnancy is detected is a danger to their "physical, mental or social health."

"Quality Care"

"The health team must not let on in the consultation personal views on abortion or have access to practice dilate" in cases of rape should not "create situations of violence to doubt the word of the woman ". The attitude of the health team should be "unbiased, patient and respectful."


Before them there to ask women "if you want to view the image or hear the beating. If you do not want, it is very important to take the necessary steps so that this did not happen. "

The practice of abortion

The Protocol includes a detailed guide with illustrations to perform abortions by gestational stage, made based on the recommendations of the WHO and the International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF), the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists (RCOG), the Latin American Federation of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (FLASOG), the International Federation of Gynecology and Obstetrics (FIGO) and IPAS.

Post abortion contraception

Abortion contraception counseling post should note that "to avoid an unwanted pregnancy (women) need to start using birth control almost immediately."

Abortion, murder of innocent, President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner, Minister Daniel Gollan.

[1] Article published by NOTIVIDA, Year XV, No. 975, June 18, 2015. By Monica del Rio. Website:



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