Note. Perfect Class, By Adrian Pablos.

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The truth is that the definition of what constitutes a perfect class is not easy. Which it is why we use the example of an athlete to try to understand, with you, what were the ingredients used by the teacher to get it. Let me turn to an athlete because it is the area in which I perform better and as did the Apostle Paul, I encourage you to draw a parallel between a professor and an athlete to do the teaching.


When I see the look of an athlete before facing their exercise, I can guess that has fully displayed exercise in your mind, I have the absolute conviction that he has left nothing to chance. He has memorized from start to finish her routine, with particular emphasis on their strengths and weaknesses facing.
The perfect kind does not come out of improvisation, but preparation. Understand a class before impart is fundamental to flow successfully.


A few seconds before starting the competition the athlete takes a deep breath. For him and his team-stakes. The teacher is aware of the responsibility to him and to his students.
The perfect class requires a high dose of determination. The professor entered the classroom steadily and safely. At that time he became the center of attention. He caught the curiosity of students, becoming fully visible. As is as an athlete first class was at that moment when the show started.


What better way to tackle a security challenge that has deposited in it and in the foreground. The athlete is directed to the field of play without the slightest hint of doubt. He knows there is no turning back. He knows that now is their moment, all he has imagined so far is useless. It is the moment when we must give our best.
The perfect class, led by the teacher, gave the assurance that good preparation and proper disposition. The tranquility is what teaches, or rather, he believes in what he teaches.


I often think that perfection is closely linked to simplicity. When I see the implementation of strength athlete, I get the impression that exercise is something that anyone would be able to perform. It is a simple action, without fanfare, is not flashy and does nothing other competitors have not done previously. What sets it apart from other gymnasts is getting the impossible easy. And how easy it becomes something perfect.
The perfect class is to make the complex simple. What matters is not what he taught us, but what we discussed, he did so that all students understood it, assimilate it, apply it and gave useful outside the classroom.


Another aspect I like the exercise of an athlete is the rate that prints on the run. I admire the fluidity of their movements and the naturalness of their skills.
The perfect class requires a great rhythm management. The professor said in cadence that he gave to the class, making constant attention and growing expectations in each of us.


One of the great challenges of the Olympic weightlifting is the struggle between body flexibility and stiffness of the bars loaded with high poundages. It is a battle between the plasticity and rigidity of the law of gravity. The mastery of the competitor, is precisely that it is able to find the balance between the two.
The perfect class needs to be flexible and adapt both the content and profile of students that education is imparted to. This good man not educated us from rigidity or authority, but he did so from the conviction that can be taught to all students, but taking into account the specificity of each one of these as individuals.


No success without risk. Nobody tries to lift such weight several times throughout the competition, unaware that ever can be overcome or fall.
The perfect class, the teacher assuming the previously lived a number of risks. These dangers consisted see what worked and what did not, and how could transform that does not go away. Definitely not transformed the risk in comfort, but a chance to be better teachers.


Weightlifter performs the final adjournment of the day. After lifting the burden, his hands away definitively bar. What it takes place in a majestic way, extending the most of your body and spreading his arms, transferring the movement to a final salute. Instantly, the noise of the weights on the ground brings it to reality. It is then that you realize you have done something great. He does not need to hear the public's enthusiasm knows that exercise is perfect. He knows that his execution a gold, deserves perfection.

The perfect kind is known only at the end of the class session. At the time when he prayed to say goodbye, I am quite sure that our teacher, he realized that during the development of the class had done something great, something really special, something extraordinary. I find it really hard to explain, but I assure you if it happens, if you get impart the perfect class, you will notice instantly; as did our beloved Master and our humble athlete after your exercise.


Weightlifter knows he has achieved, has attained perfection. It's time to relax, to enjoy the achievement and make the best of their smiles.
The perfect class must end with a smile. During the school session has been a complicity. The teacher has empathized with their students.


The athlete knows that just would not have been able to achieve perfection. He is aware that he owes a lot of people, starting with the coach and ending with the audience acclaimed him.
The perfect class just did not get it. To carry it out, we showed, that required the complicity of his students. He managed this collaboration throughout the class session, which is why at the end of the class made us feel loved with an appreciation for our efforts and attention; communicating that after this course he had learned something from us. And before he left us this phrase that I treasure in my heart 'Do not forget that the learner teaches twice-
As we see, the perfect kind is challenging, and it is the exercise of lifting weights for strength athlete. But I am convinced that many of us have the attitude and the ability to get it. Yet sometimes I think it's useless to pick the perfect class, because it will be that will come to us if we dedicated ourselves to teach with love and excellence, knowing we serve.

Adrian Esteban Pablos

Perfect class, steps to make a good class.


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