Reflection. The Matrix, The Oracle and the most urgent need of belonging to a Matrix. By Fabian Massa.

Translated from Spanish to English with Google translator.

Week 70 shares with us: "The Matrix, The Oracle and the most urgent need of belonging to a Matrix.

In the third film of Matrix, the purpose of Oracle is to help Chosen and the humans who follow him because of the Prophecy (predicting the victory of Chosen and the end of the machines).

That is, the purpose of Oracle's Not Matrix destroy, but to give arguments of faith to free men so that they can log out of the system voluntarily.
In the Matrix Revolutions, Neo finally understands that he and Smith are opposing elements that need each other to balance the equation of the Matrix. The Matrix should not be destroyed, because many human beings need the "Virtual Reality" to live a "happy", unable to get out to a true reality thinking for themselves and taking the risks involved life.

Oracle, ensures that Matrix is ​​restarted and that the population of Sion can be restored when needed, starting (restarting Matrix like an ordinary computer) over the cycle of "the Chosen" and maintaining control over human for one more cycle.

The plot of the film is compelling and you can set a tremendous parallels with reality on several levels, for example with the Evangelical Churches:
The purpose of the study and teaching of the Word, pointing to banish religion (Oracle), is to help those who identified (ditto the Chosen - Neo and humans that follow) the religion in the Church (ditto The Matrix ). Through the prophecy (preaching and teaching of the Word) announcing the victory of the Born Again on religiosity (ditto victory Neo and free against the Matrix).

That is, the purpose of the study and teaching of the Word (ditto Oracle) Is not destroy Religiosity (ditto The Matrix), but give them arguments of faith to the born again so they can disconnect yourself from the religious system.

Why not destroy religiosity? Simply because it is inherent in man. Religion gives an "easy way out" to appease the guilt: It tells us how we can do to be at peace with God, with ourselves and with others without any inner change, without internal transformation, sermons like "Three steps to achieve Total blessing "," Seven Steps to fully prosper "," Fasts of liberation "," etc ...

  1. Religiosity allows the masses to an external liturgy, such as:
  2. Repeat endlessly long litanies
  3. Empty sing songs thinking that this is "Praise and Worship"
  4. Read without understanding the Bible for years
  5. Filled with useless activities in the Church

That is, many actions with a form of godliness. Having completed the ritual, "feel" peace and joy. The religion is based on "feelings" and not in truth or facts.

Week 70 is about to begin, salt and Matrix, leave all religion and all empty ritual that can not save. Study your Bible, knows the truth and the truth will set you free.

Week 70 By Fabian Massa.

Matrix Revolutions, The Oracle, Religiosity, Born Again, Rituals Empty.


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