+ Study. The Judaizers in the church today. By Fabian Massa

Translated from Spanish to English with Google translator.

The dispensation or the Mosaic Law was finished 2000 years ago. But still in the churches continue to teach and practice keeping some things characteristic of the Act as if they had remained in force, such as:
  1. The ritual fasting (those that do once or twice a week for "Ministry" or any other excuse).
  2. Purifications, when we have been sanctified and justified.
  3. Tithes, when there is neither Temple nor Levites among us.
  4. The OT keep preaching without seeing the light of the NT

The Work of Christ took away all sense of the "Dispensation of the Law"
  1. The sacrificial system was flawed because it did not remove sin's power over man, because this was to be sacrificed for the mistakes again and again. The perfect sacrifice of the Lamb of God (once and forever) made everything else becomes unnecessary and useless sacrifice. (Hebrews 10.1)
  2. The Priesthood after the Order of Aaron had no reason to exist without the sacrifices.
  3. The Priesthood of Aaron was flawed, because the high priest committed sins (hence should first sacrifice of atonement for himself (Lev. 16.6). But Jesus as High Priest was sinless (Hebrews 4:15)
  4. The Temple had no reason to exist without priests, without sacrifices and without the Shekinah Glory Tabernacle was now in the heart of every believer.
  5. The ritual of sanctification, purification and fasting washings were no longer relevant because now holiness and righteousness by faith in the work of Christ is reached.
  6. The Service of the Levites no sense either, and even less after the destruction of the Temple in '70 by General. Tito.
  7. The "nonsense" of the Temple and everything in it (sacrifices and liturgies) was practiced, also he cleared the way to the service of the Levites, and the priesthood.
  8. If the service and function of the Levites have no reason to be, they not make more sense tithing, that the Law had been instituted in order to support them financially, as for serving the Temple could not work or had possession Among the tribes of Israel (Numbers 18.23, 24). In the NT the church has a responsibility to support the church with their gifts (1 Co. 16.2).
  9. With Christ there was a change of law. Hebrews 7.11
  10. With Christ there was a change of tribe (Judah Levi). Hebrews 7.12
  11. With Christ there was a change of priesthood, according to the order of Melchizedek instead of Aaron. Hebrews 7.15
  12. Christ brings a change of mind, a true spiritual revolution, ushering in the dispensation of grace, that we will see in the next post.

Week 70 is about to begin and there are still Judaizers among us, but it is our responsibility to know the Scriptures, beyond what they want to impose their convenience.

Expiration of the Law Dispensation of Law



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