Reflection. The lie of the Cults of Prosperidad. By Fabian Massa.

Translated from Spanish to English with Google translator.

In the poster above issues related to economic prosperity, a wonderful "Congress" are announced, let the whole message:

Congress on how to achieve financial freedom in difficult times (crisis) is advertised. To address these difficulties, ideas to thrive and pay off debts, ie they will, the first part of the message suggests that you can achieve "Financial Freedom" with proper effort:

a. Search work better
b. See if there are new opportunities
c. Be more efficient at work
d. better manage resources
and. Spend better money
F. Work more

This is fine, it explains how the problem can be solved by ourselves. But then the poster announced:

1. Financial Milagros
2. Work Miracles
3. Other miracles.


1. What will I get ideas to flourish and actually cancel debts if the operation is miraculous?
2. If God is going to work a miracle, because in addition have to apply some method? Are miracles of God are insufficient?
3. Work Miracles: Will I sprout a new job out of nothing? Or perhaps they will recognize me in my current job things you never did?

Supernatural miracles are those things that solve what we can not in our own strength. So the inconsistency, are we going to do what we have to do or what God because it is humanly impossible?

Week 70 is about to begin, awake O sleeper and do not buy you the Prosperity Gospel, which only prospers those who preach it.

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