Reflection.The truth that sum and does not add. By Fabian Massa.

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What is truth [1]:

The truth is the correspondence between what we think or know reality. The word itself comes from the Latin veritas, veritatis.
In this sense, truth means the correlation between what we say with what is (the reality) or what one knows, feels or thinks. Hence the concept of truth also embraces values ​​such as honesty, sincerity and openness.
According to this definition, the truth is what corresponds with reality and reality should not offend anyone. On this the poet says: "It is never sad truth, which does not have is choice [2]"

First, Last and true reality of things, is the Word of God.

However many truth offends, and why this is so? They simply can not perceive reality as it is, due to the "Filters", ie pre thoughts and concepts that prevent the individual identify the reality. This is what Paul refers in 2 Corinthians 10.3-6 when he mentions that in mind strengths, arguments and arrogance (humanistic pride) against the knowledge of God rise.

Then when God has permitted His Truth bring a revealing light to our finite minds, we must communicate that truth so that adds another to us and not that apart from us. . What I say to you, I really I say to myself: I've been years in the wilderness fighting windmills: self-anointed men turned-Apostles, or raised in that category for any other mortal (usually of Central America).

But now, she learned to tell the truth to the cries produced in the other does not want to listen and therefore exposure rather than join us apart.
I plan to add to the truth all you can and that's why I've decided to stop shouting, irony, biting commentary and replace teaching from the Word.
How will we get to the church, because they are Church, although many live as if they were not, because of ignorance or because they put them in:
In the Gospel "Life Pink" "Of Prosperity", the "Cults Panchos" ( )
In the Gospel of "cults Canapés" (
Because they receive "homiletically correct" cults (
A Gospel Musical Bibleless (

RESPONSE: teaching the word, rolling his eyes JESUS:
  • Author and Finisher of Faith

The truth is that amount which teaches the truth, which is God's Word. Week 70 is about to begin at any time. It's back to the old way.

Truth that sum and does not add.
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[2] Joan Manuel Serrat, their song "Sincerely yours"

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