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A false expectation of the "Christian Life" occurs when we raise our lives based on:
  1. Models that are not biblical, that is, that do not agree with the Word.
  2. Models of life based on life or ministry of others.
  3. Life model thought from "The Image of success" that I want to give to others, that is to say with the wrong motivation.

Jesus' expectation of us is simple and yet high, that we be "a kingdom of priests in the service of God the Father" (Revelation 1: 6, cf. 1 Peter 2: 9 - Appeal that was in principle for Israel: Deuteronomy 7: 6) .

What is the role of a Priest of God?
Serve God by studying and fulfilling His Word.
A liaison between God and our family, ministering the Word of God to our spouses and children, praying, interceding and educating them in His Will.

In essence (but not in form) it is the same pattern of the ancient Patriarchs: Abraham, Job, Jacob and Isaac officiated as Priests of their Clan, they interceded for their own before God and presented the Word of God to their own. They prayed for their wives, their children, their servants and their animals. They prayed and the Lord answered their prayers, because in exercising the Priesthood they were fulfilling His Will.

The Church then has the mission of training the priests of the home. To some of these priests, the Lord will call them (Philippians 2:13) to a ministry or service to the community of Saints, whether as Pastor, Prophet, Teacher, those who perform miracles, those who heal, Those who help, those who administer, those who have the gift of tongues (1 Corinthians 12.28)

The above is already an ALTA goal, however many do not know it or do not take it into account or do not interest them and generate other expectations:

  1. Ministry to the Nations (read Miami)
  2. Minister of Praise (International, of course), record several albums and with them bring "In presence to the Crowds" (read have several Grammys and a few million dollars)
  3. Prophet to the nations (Only those of the 1st World, that is to say the US and the US)

The expectation of Jesus is concrete: "A Kingdom of Priests in the service of God the Father". Every Christian head is called to this Ministry. If each family walks according to Scripture, it will impact their environment. Every family head who does not exercise the priesthood at home is missing what Jesus left specified.

Awake thou, whom they slept with so much sleep of greatness, fame, and vain riches. Ministerial success consists of meeting God's expectations of us and not with the expectations of the Market or our wallet.

False expectations, Priests of the home.


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