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About Juan 6.25-71

In recent times, the World has impacted the Church. The Church has been invaded by "Postmodernity", the camouflaged Gnosticism of Christianity, "Metaphysics" disguised as "Gospel of Power", "Declare and Receive It"; The cult of the Sensory, seeking the "feel" (emotions 100% human emotion).

But Christianity is for those who believe and of course they understand what they believe (and for that reason they can live or decide to die for it) and not for "the eternal peepers", those who only seek to be prospered or in the best of Cases, fulfill a religious routine that calms their conscience.

One of the questions honest pastors ask themselves in these dangerous times is what to do with those people. The answer is to see that Jesus did in such a situation.

In the text of John 6: 25-71, Jesus tells the disciples that whoever does not enter into the New Covenant of His Blood and does not "eat their flesh" figuratively means that those who do not take His Word and incorporate it To his life - John 6: 53-56 - were not given to him by the Father and therefore are not "Called or predestinated" - John 6:
Jesus did not throw anyone, he only confronted them - John 6:61 - and the "peeps" left alone:

"66 From that time many of his disciples turned away from him and did not walk with him."

Jesus also tested his twelve of John 6.66B - 71

It is preferable to do as Jesus: To stay with a few, to spend energy on people who are really only going to look, who do not understand, who do not read the preaching or materials that freely distribute the Church for their edification. They do not participate in any teaching, they have no interest in knowing what God said. Do not be afraid, stay with the true disciples of Christ.

Week 70 is about to begin, do not waste any more time, dedicate yourself to forming the true disciples.

False disciples.


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