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First of all, it is necessary to define the term.

Incoherence [1]

1. f. Lack of coherence.
2. f. Which has no proper logical relationship with another.

We have, then, a lack of logical relationship between parties. Incoherence always starts from a contradictory view of the individual and is projected on everything he does, causing unnecessary wear and tear, frictions, disagreements, failures, loss of goods, time, effort, patience, interest in the thing, frustrations And of course also money.
The sum of the incoherences of each individual seems to create a "collective Incoherence", that can be seen in the Churches, where people sings crying "For a moment in Your Presence" but does not read your Bible throughout the week.

No one is exempt from falling into it:

  1. I myself spent almost two years trying to teach in a church people who with their mouths said they wanted to learn "Sana Doctrina" but actions shouted silently that they really did not want to learn anything. Not seeing in them the fruit of my effort made me feel more and more frustrated, more frustrated. But I finally realized that they did not want to or could not understand a lot of depth and I freed them from that burden.
  2. A young Shepherd, who started a small Work two years ago. A few days ago I visited him and he told me that his work is still with the same people from the beginning: 3 marriages and an old woman; And why this? Because the young Pastor only gives Sunday preaching, on the other days of the week he is engaged in sports after his secular work schedule. He does not preach to the people of the neighborhood, he does not visit hospitals, he does not visit the poor in the neighborhood, he does not have interviews with his own people ... he says that the Work for the Lord is the most important thing, but in practice he does not The time and the effort required: Incoherence that is leading to ministerial failure.
  3. A musician, who wants to serve "playing for Christ" but in 25 years did not manage to assume the family priesthood, nor preach at home to his wife and children. This family lives today as sad and complicated as most worldlings: Incoherence that made their "Family in Christ" project fail.

It is necessary to see what level of incoherence our actions have, and to remove any lack of logic. Week 70 is about to begin, let's be consistent.

Coherence-Incoherence. ENE 2017



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