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1 So let us stop reviewing again and again the elemental teachings about Christ. On the contrary, let us go forward until we become mature in our understanding. It can not be that we have to begin again with the important foundations of repentance from wrongdoing and faith in God. 2 Neither do you need any more teaching about baptisms, laying on of hands, the resurrection of the dead, and eternal judgment. 3 So, God willing, we will move toward greater understanding. Hebrews 6: 1-3 NTV.

It is an issue that I have presented to you on other occasions, to stop repeating in aeternum the basic things, as the author of Hebrews enumerates:
  1. Repentance of wrongdoing - Holiness; If a congregation is to preach again and again repentance and holiness, it is because they live in sin.
  2. Have faith in God. Without faith there is no salvation. If it is necessary to tell them worship after worship that they have faith, it is evidently because they do not have it.
  3. Teaching about baptism. Dying to the old life.
  4. The imposition of hands.
  5. The resurrection of the dead. The hope of eternal life.
  6. The eternal judgment. An eternity with Christ (disciples) or without Christ (not disciples, that is in Hell).

Because all these things are the elementals to enter the Path, but discipleship is more than elemental, the purpose of discipleship is eternal salvation and the extension of the Kingdom: First to your family, then to your relatives and friends and then to the rest .

It is not living in holiness, not having faith, not understanding the Word for lack of the Presence of God in your life, not to go to Hebrews 6 in not having finished repenting never. Not to go to Hebrews 6 is not to have entered the Kingdom and the one that did not enter, worth the redundancy is outside, is lost in its sins.

The Word of God brings a message of salvation and gives the prophetic keys to identify the signs that accompany the End Times. The signs confirm the prophecy, the truth of the message, so that those who understand them know the Times, That your faith grows and you preach the Word accordingly: The Kingdom of Heaven came in Christ 2,000 years ago and the End of the Times is fast approaching; Those who believe and repent will be saved and those not condemned to Hell forever.

But the vast majority continues to spin in Hebrews 5 without ever going to Hebrews 6. Awake you who sleep and also you who slept, before the reality will hit you and throw you to the Lake of Fire and Sulfur.

Hebrews 5, Hebrews 6, Elementary Teachings, End Times, End Signs.


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