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This is something that has happened to me several times, giving a talk or presenting a post about theological mistakes and sometimes even "Holy Heresies" within a Church, the public present or the readers, enthusiastically settle or republish everything I say and not They realize that I am talking about what they themselves do.

And it is that the lack of knowledge of Scripture is so great, that they are blinded by the "mandate" of the Church; I explain: The figure of the Pastor (or of the Priest, for the case is the same) has a weight of mandate, of authority that is not discussed, and this comes from the beginning of the Times. It is a religious, ancestral "Mandate": The Priest is "the representative of the gods" and both the Pope and the local "Anointed" run the same.

Another cause that is not given by alluding is that they expect to find the things said literally. A few days ago republique a photo where it says that the pastors of prosperity follow the "System of the three D: Declare, Decree, Untie".

A sister who congregates in a church where, coincidentally, the preachers move exclusively in that line, I reply the post to all their friends, without realizing that I was denouncing their own pastor. When I write to ask him why he liked the note, he replied that it was necessary to unmask these "Bad Ministers." I pointed out that his would be inside the game and he told me that his Pastor never does. However, I myself came out of that Church precisely because I no longer endured the "Ministrations where the Anointed imparts the blessings", a whole series of positivist and gnostic statements made in a personalized way to a crowd of 5,000 people.

This sister told me that the Pastor never said "Now I will declare, decree or untie", which is true, he does not announce it, but does it directly.
And this sister, perhaps, does not realize that for many years she has been congregating in an organization based on the "cellular" system and yet she does not have a deep and sustained knowledge of Scripture, which is due to:

1. The "Leader" who is in charge of the group generally knows nothing of theology.
2. The "Supervisor" who is above the "Leaders" only repeats what the Shepherd teaches him, never daring to check if things are or is not how they are told.
3. The preaching is short and always on loose verses. Rarely is an entire book in its context.
4. Although the "Services" last almost two and a half hours, the preaching (teaching) does not take more than twenty minutes, filling the rest of the time with songs empty of content.

And that is why after 25 or 30 years of Church, they can not do more than a first reading of the Bible, taking out only the basics.

Week 70 is about to begin at any moment. Fools will stay out, where is the crying and the gnashing of teeth, so please be sensible.

Gnosticism, evangelism of prosperity, religious mandate, false teachers, declarations of power.

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